Culligan: home water treatment systems

Culligan Italiana was established in 1960 as the licensee for Italy of Culligan International, a historic company founded in Chicago in 1936, and one of the leading global players in the water treatment industry.
For more than fifty years Culligan Italiana has been active in the construction and maintenance of pools for public and private use, all with one common denominator – exceptional water quality and clarity.

Complying strictly with all hygiene and sanitation legislation and paying attention to the tiniest detail, Culligan designs and constructs commercial and domestic pools at competitive prices, also providing a vast array of the ancillary equipment required for perfect pool operation: pumps for dosing chemical products, filtration systems, cleaning systems, lighting accessories, hydro-massage equipment, water features and accessories.

More than just swimming pools. Culligan also produces a complete system of water treatment systems, accessories and chemicals: from water softeners and filters for domestic use, to large potabilisation, demineralization and purification plants for civil and industrial use.

Purifying your home water: Culligan filtration systems

Culligan Home is the sector dedicated to all those who want the comfort of using their tap water without forsaking quality. From couples to large families, Culligan filtration systems are able to meet all requirements and supply the best solution according to the makeup of the water to be treated.
By choosing Culligan you choose the certainty of a constant supply of bacteria-free water.
Pure water not only for drinking: Culligan solutions also soften hard water, by removing calcium and magnesium, thus contributing to significant energy savings and benefiting all household activities.

As a Culligan assistance centre, Landscaper provides a rapid and efficient support service. Our technicians are highly specialized and constantly updated on the operation of home water treatment systems.
By requesting a maintenance contract, you can rely on prompt assistance at your home as needed, and the peace of mind of knowing your home water treatment system functions efficiently and is regularly checked.


Water for drinking and cooking
With Culligan filtration systems you will have pure water coming straight from the tap.
Cooled or room temperature water, still or sparkling, Culligan improves your quality of life with a wide range of products able to meet all needs, from micro-filtration to reverse osmosis.
High quality materials, top-notch design and innovative technology are at the heart of Culligan water treatment systems, created to last over time and simple to use.
Thanks to the perfectly balanced mineral salts, with low sodium content and a fresh, thirst-slaking taste, the water filtered by Culligan systems is ideal to grace your dining table and for the preparation of tea, coffee and babies’ foods.

Culligan reverse osmosis systems

Marked by their safe, reliable technology, Culligan reverse osmosis systems are also used for the purification of water for medical and industrial use.
The water passes through a semi-permeable osmotic membrane, which captures most of dissolved substances, thus dividing the tap water into two streams: purified water on one side and on the other, the discarded water containing all the impurities and part of the salts.


This is a filtration technique guaranteeing water purity; it uses specific filters that improve the water quality and taste, without altering its mineral values.
This system guarantees the removal of solid particles and is also able to withhold chlorine and other unwanted substances. Micro-filtration is an environmentally friendly system, which ensures the elimination of suspended microorganisms and greatly improves the taste of your water.

Get rid of water hardness with Culligan softeners

The water that comes out of our taps is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium which make it hard.
The water’s hardness causes lime scale build-up, dries your skin and affects the performance of your appliances, such as boilers, washing machines, steam irons and taps. Efficiency of the boilers and tanks is significantly reduced; this can lead to an increase in heating costs in the region of 15-20%. Culligan softeners are able to improve water quality and guarantee significant savings on your utility bills, but also on the use of lime scale removal products, dishwasher additives, fabric softeners, hair conditioners, face masks and moisturizing creams.

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