Dryden Aqua, your sustainable pool

Constantly searching for sustainable solutions, Landscaper proposes a new range of 'green' products and useful tips on how to avoid wasting resources and to reduce operating costs.

Dryden Aqua products consist of an innovative filtration system allowing cost savings and reducing the environmental impact of your pool.

Heading a team of marine biologists specialising in water disinfection in marine ecosystems, Dr. Howard Dryden has patented AFM®, a filter medium in activated recycled green container glass, bio-resistant and self-sterilizing.

This new water filtration and pool maintenance systems, apart from benefiting the environment and improving water quality will enable you to save on the quantities of chlorine used, decrease maintenance costs and simplify maintenance operations: in comparison with the silica and quartz sand traditionally used, this innovative material prevents the spread of bacteria and, by absorbing polluting agents, reduces the use of chlorine by 30%, totally eliminating its smell. Dryden Aqua can be recharged by simple washing and requires less frequent replacement than other filtering materials.

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