Pool chemicals

A good pool water filtration, distribution and recirculation system must be flanked by efficient chemical treatment of the water using specific, quality products: biocide products, pH regulators, flocculants and detergents.

Use of quality products guarantees perfect purification of the pool and the pool environment, including the surrounding area. It also guarantees optimum functioning over time of the water circulation system and equipment.

Landscaper supplies a wide range of products and accessories for pool cleaning and ordinary management; only the best available products, whose effectiveness and safety are guaranteed by Ministry of Health certification.

It is essential to entrust the health of your pool to a group of experts, such as we are, who can supply complete service and assistance or provide you with comprehensive information for the correct use of the chemical products you purchase.

Sanitation products

  • Chlorine

A chemical agent widely used for sanitising and purifying water, chlorine is available in various forms:
- Chlorine tablets: these large, slow-dissolving tablets are placed in the skimmers, in floating dispensers or in contact dosing devices;
- Chlorine granules: dichlor (sodium dichloroisocyanurate) is a fast-dissolving product, particularly indicated for rapid chlorination and hyperchlorination;
- Liquid chlorine: a product with high stability to photolysis and evaporation; it requires an automatic dosing system.

  • Bromine

Another disinfectant traditionally used for the treatment of pool waters, bromine is used exclusively for slow and maintenance chlorination. It comes in slow-dissolving tablets which must be dispensed through a contact dosing device.

  • Active oxygen

A valid alternative to water treatment with chlorine or halogens, products, oxygen may be placed in the pool in tablets or granules, or in liquid form (i.e. using oxygenated water products, which must be dispensed by a dosing pump). Associated with a UV treatment system, active oxygen ensures natural disinfection of the pool, without the use of chemicals.

  • Ozone-based treatment

One of the most innovative and effective pool disinfection methods, ozone treatment has high oxidation power and is rapid-acting against bacteria, algae and fungi, ensuring excellent water sanitisation.


Multi-function products

Generally available in tablet form, multi-function products for pools perform several functions (sanitising, algaecide and flocculants). This means performing just one operation to solve the most common pool problems. Multifunction products are very practical and time-saving. However, bear in mind that in the event of specific problems affecting your pool, targeted action using specific products with immediate effectiveness may be necessary.


pH regulators

It’s important that the pool water pH is kept neutral, with an approximate value of 7 (7.2-7.4). If it is too high or too low, the pool water will become corrosive, damaging materials and fabrics and causing skin, eye and mucosal tissue irritations. Moreover, non-neutral pH impairs the effectiveness of water treatment chemicals, leading to over-dosage which in turn can be very harmful.

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Flocculants are used when the water loses its transparency and becomes cloudy. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as the presence of algae or bacteria, dust and debris, the precipitation of calcium or magnesium salts, or the oxidation of iron and manganese salts. In these cases the suspended particles may be too small for the filters to capture them: the flocculants or clarifier makes these particles clump together, so they can be captured by the filtration system.
There are two types of flocculants: fast-acting flocculants, to restore water clarity and brightness, that is when it has already become cloudy, and maintenance flocculants, which are slower-acting and preventive.



Good pool operation also requires regular maintenance of system components to prevent their damage which would hinder use of the pool. Products available include:
- Descaling products for cleaning the water recirculation and filtration systems;
- Non-foamy degreasing products to remove grease and impurities from the pool's edge, walls, water line and pool surrounds;
- Liquid descaling products to prevent and remove limescale from pipework.

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