Adjustment and control systems

In support of the filtration and disinfection systems, you will need automatic adjustment and dosage equipment guaranteeing precise control of the pool’s water chemistry and correct management of the operations necessary to maintain the water clear and sanitised. These systems include automatic chlorine feeders, pH control and regulation systems, water level controllers and automated control panels.

Increasing environmental awareness is prompting the spread of natural water sanitisation systems, which minimise the use of chemicals, thus decreasing environmental impacts and negative effects on bathers' skin, eyes and mucosal tissues. The most widespread, inexpensive and efficient of these systems are those which use salt water electrolysis and ultraviolet rays to sanitise the water.

Some systems also include a pH or chlorine control function, which is useful to avoid overdosing of chemicals and simplifies pool management.

Salt water electrolysis sterilizers in the pool

Electrolysis converts salt into chlorine and active oxygen. The combined action of these two elements disinfects pool water without the use of aggressive chemicals. All you need to do is drop the salt tablets into the water at the start of the season, and there will be no need to add any other purifying products.
This means a sharp reduction in costs and reduces impact on the environment and the swimmers’ skin. The chlorine produced through electrolysis is less aggressive and is even odourless.
The choice of electrolysis system must always of course to be based on the size and intended use of the pool.


Automatic UV water treatment systems

An alternative system to the use of chemical chlorine is the water treatment system using UV lamps which irradiate and sterilise the water killing off the germs in it.
Associated with a filtration system, the UV treatment system will remove all the germs, viruses and fungi present in the pool’s recirculation system.


Chlorine and pH dosage and control in pool water

In addition to the electrolysis UV-ray disinfecting systems, which reduce dramatically the need for chemicals), automatic feeding systems can be installed to simplify feeding of chemicals into the pool: dosing systems measure water chemistry by means of an electrode and then, by means of dosing pumps, automatically add the correct quantity of chlorine and pH reducer.
This removes the need to check chlorine and pH values daily and to handle the chemicals for disinfection. All that needs to be done is to replace the product containers periodically.

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