In-ground pools

Fully bespoke and adaptable to the surrounding setting, in-ground pools are the ideal solution to transform your garden into an area dedicated to outdoor relaxation and enjoyment.
Landscaper in-ground pools bring together elegant design and high-quality construction. Our pools are constructed using the best materials and in line with the latest technology standards.
These pools can be built in a large range of shapes, colours and materials, to fully meet each client’s requirements and to achieve harmonious integration with the surrounding vegetation and buildings.
Installation of an in-ground pool requires careful study of the site and involves a series of complex technical and regulatory procedures. Landscaper will work together with you in pool construction reducing to a minimum the duration and impact of works.


Above ground pools

Perfectly adaptable to any type of site, these pools are the ideal solution for those wishing to create a relaxation area (in the garden or indoors) by means of rapid installation.
This is certainly the most simple and inexpensive option, requiring no excavation or permit procedures. Available in many shapes and sizes, above ground pools are also the ideal solution in terms of flexibility.
Sturdy and stylish, fully or partially above-ground pools can be installed in the garden or on platforms which become comfortable solariums and relaxation areas.
While easy to install, these pools have high construction quality: the bearing structure consists of metal sheets or steel pipes and frames, covered by a waterproof layer in vinyl or reinforced polyester; the water recirculation and filtration systems, the same as those for underground pools, guarantee excellent water quality and easy maintenance.
The use of strong steel panels supporting the structure means that the pool can also be installed as a semi-inground pool, with a similar effect to that of an in-ground pool.
Above-ground pools can be installed without the need to obtain any permit. They can also be easily disassembled and reinstalled.


Pools on the terrace

Above-ground pools are also very handy if you do not have a large garden, as they can be installed in raised areas such as terraces and roof terraces.
Light and modular, these pools can also be installed on upper floors: a simple terrace can be transformed into a charming, discrete relaxation area to be shared with friends and family.
Terrace pools can be built to your specifications and are perfectly adaptable to the architectural style of any building. They will enhance the value of your property and give it a unique touch.
These pools can also by equipped with hydromassage, counter-current swimming and neck showers, and can be completely personalized as to shape, materials, finishes and accessories.


Indoor pools

Set with skill and style as part of your home, indoor pools are the perfect choice if you wish to enjoy swimming year round.
Indoor pools are designed to fit smoothly in the design of your home, turning anonymous space into beautiful relaxation areas. Your pool can become a home spa, accessorized with hydromassage beds and benches, heating system, neck shower and a wide range of accessories creating an exceptional water experience.
The wide range of choice in style and finishes means you can create your very own leisure sanctuary, reflecting the style of the house and your design preferences.
Our experts are available to highlight the potential of your home, and to offer you the unique thrill of a dive into your unique home pool.

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