Water circulation system: functionality and aesthetics

Over the past few years, pool water circulation systems have seen a series of technical innovations, leading to an improved mix of functionality and aesthetics.
While the key requirement of these systems is to have constantly crystal-clear and clean water, we are increasingly planning them to enhance the appeal of your pool.

Deck-level pools

This design solution, which has rapidly become a global favourite, couples optimum water quality with sophisticated aesthetic impact: the water at the same level as the pool edge, creates continuity between the interior of the pool and its context, producing a pleasing mirror effect.
Water is recirculated via a surface overflow channel: the water overflowing from the pool's edge is collected in the channel, flows into a balance tank and is then filtered and disinfected in the recirculation system, before being returned to the pool by means of wall or floor outlets. Therefore, this system guarantees constant treatment of the water, which remains crystal-clear and free from contaminants.

The same recirculation system is applied in knife-edge pools, where however the water disappears underneath the paving surrounding the pool creating a stylish interplay between the transparency of the pool water and the perimeter stone paving.
The paving around these pools contributes to their aesthetic impact, and can be chosen from a variety of materials: gres porcelain tiles, marble, polished pebbles or stone.


Infinity pools

Infinity pools, where water falls over the edge, are a striking variant of the deck-level pool, especially suited for scenic locations with panoramic views and sloping terrain and for systems of several communicating pools on different levels.
In infinity pools, the water spills over one or more sides of the pool. The water flows through a lower-level grid which can be made in various materials such as wood, marble, natural stone or polished pebbles.
The sound of the water spilling over the pool's edge creates an inspiring retreat-like atmosphere, while one’s gaze is lost in the far horizon in which the sky is mirrored in the water.


Skimmer pools

This is a simple and much used system, in which the skimmer drains guarantee perfect hygiene and clearness of the water.
In this type of pool, water is recirculated through the skimmer drains, rectangular openings located about 15 cm below the pool's edge. The skimmers have a floating weir allowing the water to run into a basket filter which collects the largest debris. The water is then disinfected in the filter before flowing back into the pool through the return outlets.


Overflow skimmer pools

The overflow skimmer is a new system that links the simple, tried and trusted technology of the skimmer with the stylish aesthetic effect of deck-level pools.
This kind of skimmer has a much wider entry vent, ensuring better water circulation and perfect disinfection. As to aesthetic result, this system makes it possible to raise the level of the water to close to the pool's edge, with a pleasing visual effect.

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