Reinforced concrete pools

Reinforced concrete is the most traditional construction technology and still today is that able to guarantee the best results in terms of static resistance and duration and flexibility in the personal choice of shape and size.
In addition to structural aspects, excellence is also pursued in the choice of the pool liner, based on quality materials with great durability reducing the need for maintenance and refurbishment.
The water purification system is the heart of any pool, as it must ensure that the water is always sparkling clean and that you can enjoy your pool safely.
The superior construction quality of concrete pools of course entails longer construction time, and means this solution is slightly more expensive than others.


Inground pools in permanent formwork

This solution is based on the use of permanent formwork, which can be made of different materials, into which the concrete is poured. Pools of this type are undoubtedly less costly than traditional reinforced concrete pools.

  • Cement permanent formwork: these frames offer an excellent solution from the design point of view, providing high precision and construction strength and offering a high flexibility in the choice of pool shape, dimensions and design. We recommend a reinforced PVC liner.
  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) formwork: the use of sintered expanded polystyrene, a material with thermo-insulating properties, makes it possible to install a concrete pool insulated against soil and water. This makes it possible to keep water temperature at significantly higher levels than with other construction techniques, thus extending seasonal use of the pool.
  • Polypropylene permanent formwork: pools constructed using reinforced concrete and permanent formwork in polypropylene, a material similar to plastic, last longer than polystyrene structures and are generally less expensive. On the downside, these pools are produced in standard shapes and dimensions and hence do not offer full choice of shape and size.

Steel panel pools - Busatta Pools

This is an increasingly popular construction technique: these pools combine speed of installation with structural strength.
Made with prefabricated panels, this type of pool needs no special building works apart from construction of a foundation, and its strength is comparable to that of reinforced concrete: the structure is based on high-thickness steel modules, treated and lined, supported by strong braces.
This type of pool uses innovative and long-lasting internal liners, such as on-site-welded reinforced PVC or prefabricated PVC "bag" liner.
Steel panel pools offer a broad range of custom design options as to size and shape; what is more, they can be installed much more rapidly than traditional pools and consequently have significantly lower installation costs.
Moreover, this technique offers higher resistance to corrosion and wear and tear, thus ensuring reduction in maintenance costs.

Landscaper is the exclusive local dealer for Busatta Piscine, the leading Italian manufacturer of in-ground pools made of ribbed steel panels, using patented techniques and supplied with a warranty. We will provide you with the quality of this well-established brand coupled with the skills of our technical staff – we are here to provide all the information you need and ensure optimum pool installation and maintenance.


Fibreglass shell pools

Created using multi-layer Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), these pools can be either single-piece, two-piece or consisting of modular panels.
Installation of a fibreglass pool requires stable ground, previously levelled and if necessary reinforced with a jet of reinforced concrete, although the elasticity of this material means the pool can withstand minor settling.
Flexible and resistant, fibreglass allows a wide range of personal choices as to size and shape, and is a fairly inexpensive solution.

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