Design and installation of irrigation systems in Sardinia

An irrigation system is fundamental to maintain the garden’s water balance, compensating for the soil's natural water loss. Good watering is essential for the health of the plants, which absorb fluid and nutrients from the soil.
So the irrigation system must guarantee adequate and efficient water supply, thus minimising the waste of water.

Landscaper plans and installs made-to-measure irrigation systems, adopting the latest technology and using quality components which are easy to operate and maintain.
We also provide technical consultancy and maintenance services, to optimise water consumption in parks and gardens.


Design of garden irrigation systems
The design of irrigation systems must take into account site morphology, climate conditions and the plants' specific watering needs. Thus, the starting point must be a map of the garden, showing land height, the position and layout of green areas and the source of water supply.

This initial analysis will determine the choice of irrigation equipment and methods, from the following options, which can also be combined:

  • Spray systems: these static or dynamic sprinklers imitate the natural effect of rain;
  • Drip irrigation: the drip emitters supply water in a targeted manner to the plants;
  • Subsurface drip irrigation: this system uses buried tubes with emitters. It is especially suited for hanging gardens, traffic islands, banks, mixed areas with bushes and grass, and small lawn areas.

The positioning of the sprinklers/emitters will depend on the location of the plants, the lawn areas and the pathways. Automatic irrigation systems can be programmed according to each garden's specific watering needs.

After completing installation of the irrigation system, we will provide you with a technical report, an essential document for the system's operation and maintenance.

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