Management and maintenance of gardens in Sardinia

The choices made in the design stage will have a significant impact on management of the garden. So our aim is not only to deliver a beautifully landscaped garden, but also to ensure it retains its beauty over time. Landscaper handles all details of your green areas, guaranteeing a garden which is always vital and inviting.

We offer an efficient routine maintenance service with scheduled annual and seasonal work. Planned to match your budget, the maintenance schedule covers all the periodic actions needed: grass cutting, removal of dead leaves, pruning of bushes and trees, replanting of annuals, applying fertilisers, weed removal as necessary, checking and maintenance of the sprinkler system, plant disease consultancy and pest control.

We also guarantee fast response for urgent works, such as leaks in the sprinkler system or rescue of distressed plants and lawns.

We also offer: laying of turf rolls, maintenance of public flower beds and green areas and soil handling and transport, using our vehicle fleet.

Scheduled routine maintenance comprises seasonal work, carried out skilfully and promptly by our team:

  • Winter is the best season for pest control with elimination of eggs and larvae deposited by pests in the bark of plants to spend the winter. At the end of winter, the dry branches are removed and bushes and annual flowering roses are cut back to ensure re-blossoming.
  • In spring hoeing and weed removal, lawn cutting and clearing of the pathways are performed. The sprinkler system is checked and reactivated, and winter flowers are replaced by spring flowers.
  • In summer, spring flowering bushes are pruned together with non-flowering roses, aphids are eliminated and rose bushes are sprayed with white to combat rose rust. Lawn mowing and weed removal continue as routine maintenance works.
  • In autumn the lawn is regenerated, the year's last round of fertilizer is applied and the sprinkler system is turned off. Summer blooming plants are replaced with winter plants. Once the trees have lost their leaves, they are pruned.

Contact us for a free visit by one of our garden specialists and for a personalised estimate for the year-round maintenance of your garden.

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